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Tower Lord – UK Cover

UK cover for Tower Lord courtesy of the fine people at Orbit UK, pre-order link on the books page:

Tower Lord UK cover

New Interview

Check out my latest interview with book blogger Rollie over at Blotted Pages: http://blottedpages.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/authorized-anthony-ryan.html

And so it ends…

I delivered the finished draft of Tower Lord to my editor yesterday. The final word count, including appendices, came in at a little over 238,000. If you’ve read my previous updates you’ll know I was expecting rewrites to take me up to December but the fact is I simply couldn’t find anything else I wanted to change. I have to stress this doesn’t mean the book is finished, there will inevitably be notes from my editor, probably some future rewrites, plus copy edits, proofs etc, but for now at least, I’m done.

As ever, I have no idea when it will actually come out, since the publisher’s version of Blood Song isn’t likely to appear until next year. But at least those looking forward to the next instalment will have the comfort of knowing there won’t be a decades long wait for it. As for the third book though…

Tower Lord Milestone #6

I completed the first draft of Tower Lord approximately ten minutes ago. The word count runs at just over 237,000, which means it’ll probably shrink to the 230k mark after rewrites. On the whole I’m happy with it; no unsightly gaps that need filling or superfluous characters (I hope) but, inevitably, there are some things that need fixing before it’s ready for delivery – plot conflicts, prose-tyding, deciding if I’ve killed off enough characters, that kind of thing.

Currently feeling the anticlimactic fugue state that tends to set in after I finish something. Hopefully it’ll wear off tomorrow. I’ll be taking a break from Tower Lord for the rest of September, Dead Space 2 won’t play itself after all, and it’s usually a good idea to get some distance from a draft before starting rewrites. There won’t be any more updates until I’ve actually finished and delivered to my editor,  probably in December, so please accept the following answers to some likely questions:

- No, I don’t know when it’ll be released.

- No, I don’t know when Blood Song will be available in print either.

- Sorry, but I don’t need alpha, beta or proof readers but thanks for the offer.

Oh, must dash, someone’s calling. I think it might be my much-missed friend sleep.

PS. online sales of Blood Song passed the 30,000 mark last weekend. By the souls of the Departed I swear undying gratitude to you all.

Tower Lord Milestone #5

The first draft passed the 200,000 word mark today which means I’m firmly in the final straight (insert horse racing metaphor here – not falling at the final hurdle, a last sprint to see me over the line etc).

At the current rate the first draft should be done by mid-September, whereupon I shall reacquaint myself with the phenomena known as sleep (blessed, blessed sleep, my old friend, how I’ve missed you). However, rewrites should keep me fully occupied until December. No-one ever said this would be easy.

SFF Mania Interview

Thanks to Chris W at SFF Mania for hosting my lastest interview, you can read it here:


And, just for the record, I’m not an MI6 ninja.

Fantasy Book Critic Interview

My interview with Fantasy Book Critic is now up, check it out here:



Thanks to Mihir and Liviu at FBC for sorting this out, and their Blood Song reviews, all greatly appreciated.


Tower Lord Milestone #4

Completed 150,000 words plus change of Tower Lord today which means I’m now firmly on the downward slope and on target to finish the first draft by September (ish). There’ll be a few tidbits – no plot details – about Tower Lord in my Fantasy Book Critic interview due out on Monday 6th August, so watch out for that. And no, I don’t know when it’ll actually come out.

Also, sales of Blood Song passed the 20,000 mark yesterday. I was going to do a whole elaborate ‘The Number 20,000′ post thing again, but frankly (as you might be able to tell), I’m just too damn tired.

An Announcement

I’m very happy to announce that I recently agreed to sign a contract with Berkley Publishing Group in the US for publication of the Raven’s Shadow trilogy. Berkley is a US imprint of Penguin Books which includes the Ace and Roc Sci-Fi/Fantasy lines, so it will be an honour to have my work appear on the same imprint as Stephen Donaldson, Joe Haldeman, Ursula LeGuin and William Gibson (among many others).

It will take some time for the print edition of Blood-Song to appear so rest assured the current ebook version will remain available, at the same price, probably into 2013.

I’m aware of the ongoing debate about traditional versus indie publishing and fully appreciate why some authors have chosen to stick with the independent route. However, having thought about it long and hard, I decided this was the best choice for me. If I’m ever going to get to the point where I can start writing full time I need my work to reach a wider audience, including foreign language markets and bookstores, neither of which are open to me at present.

Many readers will no doubt be wondering what this means for Tower Lord. The fact is, at this stage I just don’t know. I still intend to finish it this year, but giving any indication as to a publication date would be pure speculation at this point. I’ll post any news here in due course.

Now, off to celebrate with a marathon session on Sniper Elite V2 (buy it, it’s really good).

Tower Lord Milestone #3

Passed 100,000 words of the first draft today. I must admit my daily word-count of late has not been as high as I would like, but I am writing every day and remain happy with the quality and the way the story is shaping up. And, in anticipation of an oft-asked question, no I don’t have a release date yet.

As Chuck Heston once told Pope Rex Harrison in answer to the question: “When will you make an end?” – “When I’m done.”

(And I’m not saying my work is on a par with the Sistene Chapel or anything… that’s for other people to say.)


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