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and ‘Blood Song’ in Romanian is…

…’Cântecul sângelui’. Many thanks to my Romanian translator Mihai-Dan Pavelescu and everyone at Editura Trei for making this happen.

Blood Song Romanian Cover



Queen of Fire – Signed UK Hardcovers

UK Bookseller The Quill and Claw is now offering signed and personalised UK hardcover editions of Queen of Fire. These may well sell out quickly so order early to avoid disappointment.

Queen of Fire – Audiobook Pre-Orders Now Available

Pre-order pages for the Queen of Fire audiobook are now live on audible.com and audible.co.uk. Despite the ‘narrator not yet known’ thing, it will be read by the sublimely vocalled Mr Steven Brand.

and ‘Blood Song Vol. II’ in Japanese is…

Blood Song Japanese Vol II

It’s standard practice for Japanese publishers to split longer works into two or more volumes, which means I get to share two covers for the same book. I believe this is the first time Sherin has been pictured in any cover and I always appreciate it when the artist gets the sword right. Looking forward to see what they do with Tower Lord and Queen of Fire. Once again, thanks to my Japanese translator Satoru Yaguchi (@YaguSaru on Twitter) and everyone at Hayakawa Books.

Tower Lord – German Cover

Tower Lord German cover

Der Herr Des Thurmes – to be published by Hobbit Presse on 26 September 2015.

Blackguards – Now Available


The fantasy anthology Blackguards: Tales of Assassins, Mercenaries and Rogues, which includes my novella The Lord Collector, is now available in ebook from the following retailers:





Apple iBooks

Thanks to JM Martin and Tim Marquitz at Ragnarok Publications for inviting me to contribute. The Lord Collector is a 15,000 word Raven’s Shadow story set at the mid-point in the timeline described in Blood Song and features a certain pale-eyed, raspy voiced Sword Master of the Sixth Order.

The highly impressive full Blackguards line-up:

FOREWORD by GLEN COOK (Black Company)
RICHARD LEE BYERS, “Troll Trouble”
JAMES ENGE, “Thieves at the Gate”
JOHN GWYNNE, “Better to Live than to Die”
LIAN HEARN, “His Kikuta Hands”
SNORRI KRISTJANSSON, “A Kingdom and a Horse”
JOSEPH LALLO, “Seeking the Shadow”
TIM MARQUITZ, “A Taste of Agony”
PETER ORULLIAN, “A Length of Cherrywood”
CAT RAMBO, “The Subtler Art”
LAURA RESNICK, “Friendship”
MARK SMYLIE, “Manhunt”
KENNY SOWARD, “Jancy’s Justice”
SHAWN SPEAKMAN, “The White Rose Thief”
JON SPRUNK, “Sun and Steel”
MICHAEL J. SULLIVAN, “Professional Integrity”
DJANGO WEXLER, “The First Kill”
ANTHONY RYAN, “The Lord Collector”
PAUL S. KEMP, “A Better Man”
JAMES A. MOORE, “What Gods Demand”
JEAN RABE, “Mainon”
S.R. CAMBRIDGE, “”The Magus and the Betyar”
CLAY SANGER, “The Long Kiss”

The special eBook edition of BLACKGUARDS also includes the anthology companion entitled THE BLACKGUARDS BLACKLIST, thus you get an additional ELEVEN cutting-edge stories by:

ROB J. HAYES, “To the End”
REBECCA LOVATT, “To Steal the Moon”
EDWARD M. ERDELAC, “The Muttwhelp”
ANTHONY LOWE, “The Lonesome Dark”
LINDA ROBERTSON, “Comeuppance”
SAM KNIGHT, “The Assassination of Poppy Smithswife”
S.M. WHITE, “Telhinsol’s Shadow”
NOAH HEINRICH, “The Laughing Wind”
MIKE THEODORSSON, “Bloody Gratitude”
ERIK SCOTT DE BIE, “Angel of Tears”


Queen of Fire Sample and Goodreads ARC Giveaway

You can now read a sample chapter from Queen of Fire here. I’m also giving away two signed, lined and dated Advance Review Copies on Goodreads. The giveaway will only run for another five days so act quickly if you want a chance of winning.



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