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Introducing T.J. Redig – Copy Editor

T. J. Redig, author, host of the Scrivener Soapbox podcast and one-time guest-poster on this blog, is offering a new copy-editing / proofreading service. He was kind enough to copy-edit the manuscript of An Aria for Ragnarok (Slab City Blues #5 – out in October), and did a great job, so any self-publishers looking to give their work the necessary final polish should check out T.J’s website. He’s offering a free sample edit and an introductory rate for the first five customers.

Interview with The Everyday Author

Thanks to Derek Alan Siddoway for inviting me to be interviewed on everydayauthor.com for their Author Origins series. Read it here: http://everydayauthor.com/author-origins-anthony-ryan/

New Podcast Interview on Scrivener Soapbox

Thanks once again to TJ Redig for hosting another interview with yours truly on the Scrivener Soapbox podcast in which we talk mainly about Slab City Blues, why Superman is boring and I reveal my general ignorance of the nuances of self-publishing. Listen here:


Also available on iTunes if you search for Scrivener Soapbox.




‘Slab City Blues’ now on Kindle

For any Kindle owners who may have missed it, all four stories in my Slab City Blues sf-noir series are now available on Amazon.


SLB1 cover

Slab City Blues, available free for the next four days on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

SLB2 cover

Slab City Blues: A Song for Madame Choi, available on  Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk


Slab City Blues: A Hymn to Gods Long Dead, available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk


Slab City Blues: The Ballad of Bad Jack, available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk


New Podcast Interview on Scrivener Soapbox

Thanks to TJ Redig for inviting me onto the Scrivener Soapbox podcast to talk about Blood Song, Tower Lord, Slab City Blues and advice for new writers… and beer. Check it out here: http://www.tjredig.com/scrivenersoapbox/2014/8/17/2014-09-03-20-anthony-ryan

Also on iTunes.

My First Audio Interview – Fantasy Faction

Thanks to Spencer Wightman at Fantasy Faction for hosting my first audio interview. I think it went well, ranging from my eternal love for David Gemmell to my varied history obsessions, even if I got a bit rambly at times. Enjoy.


Orbit Website Interview

Check out the Orbit website for my latest interview: http://www.orbitbooks.net/2013/07/09/exclusive-interview-with-blood-song-author-anthony-ryan-2/


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